Kathryn Davis
CGS ’20
What’s a book you recommend?
A book I love is The Opposite of Lonliness by Marina Keagan, a Yale graduate who passed away in a car accident just five days after graduation. This book is a collection of her essays published with the help of her professors, family, and friends and covers a variety of topics such as poverty and personal relationships in anecdotal ways, making it both entertaining and introspective at once.

Audrey Martin
COM ’22
What are you passionate about?
Community journalism! While I adore the glamour of the big-time reporting that happens in Washington and New York, I got the chance to work as a reporter for my local paper back in high school and I fell in love with good, local reporting. I love to tell the stories of inspiring members of a community. I think there is no better service to a community, and no better way to bring people together, than by sharing the stories of incredible people that often go overlooked. I’ve gotten to work on stories about firefighters, teachers, veterinarians, nurses and more.


Sam Nelson
What are you passionate about?
My passion lies in the way businesses can be a tool for uplifting values of social justice and positive change in the community. I have always loved reading, and several summers ago, this interest paved the way for me to get a job at an independent bookstore in my hometown. The Curious Iguana is a benefit corporation, meaning that it donates ten percent of its profits to local and global charities. Working in an environment that blends community activism and my love of books has shaped me into the person I am today. Before my job at the Curious Iguana, my answer to this prompt would have simply been “reading,” but now it is so much more nuanced – it is still reading, but it is also supporting local businesses and it is buying books by diverse authors and it is calling readers to pick up books that detail a perspective with which they are unfamiliar.

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