Meet the Team

When you close your eyes and imagine social justice, what do you see?

“I see engaging, equitable, and encouraging communities.”
Christopher Zielinski, Alternative Service Breaks

I see a community of people empowered in their identities, aware of their impact, and inspired by their opportunities.”
Ellie Hitt, Alternative Service Breaks

I see a world where the fight for both equality and equity is universally known as a personal responsibility to all.”
Annmarie Rizzo, Making Music

I see a society listening and prioritizing the voices of oppressed peoples and holding conversation about inequities in hopes to spark a motion for change.
Celeste Caccavale, Wizards

I see equal education for every student.
Ryan Cuthbert, Branch Out

I see communities that value equity, partnership, and diverse education.
Charlie Gleeson, Empowerment League

I see fair distributions among social classes.”
John Le, Joining Hands

“I see people standing in solidarity with those in need by supporting policies and ideas that target the social constructs that perpetuate inequities.
Ray Rosenbloom, Project Hope

I see everyone with access to healthy, nutritious food.”
Taylor Whiteman, Student Food Rescue

“I see students of all colors and ages working together for the right to be comfortable in their own skin.”
Tiffany Guan, Student Food Rescue

“I see a world that doesn’t just mourn a trans woman of color after she’s been murdered, but actively celebrates, protects, supports, uplifts, and values her while she is still living.”
Becca Reynolds, Voices

I see every person with their individual needs met, allowing them to engage positively in the world.”
Claire Buesser, First-Year Student Outreach Project 27

I see schools where students feel safe and have all the resources they need to meet their potential. I see schools whose curricula reflects and empowers the identities of theirs students. I see schools whose discipline practices are restorative, rather than punitive. 
Stefanie Grossano, First-Year Student Outreach Project 27

I see a world where people have equal access to all things, regardless of how they identify.
Jon Lerch, Development & Alumni Relations

“I see communities empowered to shape their own visions of sustainable development and activism.”
Jessica Depies, Events & Education

“I see those struggling finding peace internally and externally.”
Mollie Yacano, Events & Education

I see people experiencing equal opportunities despite intersecting identities.”
Giancarlo Rodriguez, Community Engagement

I see people being able to seek opportunities without fear of discrimination or rejection.
Michaela Cushing-Daniels, Community Engagement

“I see a world where women and men coexist as equals.”
Savanah Macdonald, Public Relations

“I see people celebrating their identities and proudly sharing their stories.”
Adam Davi, Transportation & Logistics

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