Project Hope and the Santander Urban Impact Microgrant

By Gary Prendiville

Project Hope, a CSC program focused on public health, has gained momentum with the help of the Santander Urban Impact Microgrant Program. The program offers passionate, forward-thinking students funding to pursue community-centered projects. With the money received, students are then able to bring their ideas to life in meaningful and tangible ways.

Finding a home in music education

This year, Katie Mossburg  and Ray Rosenbloom, the Program Manager of Project Hope, were awarded the Santander Urban Impact Microgrant. Project Hope works with nearly one dozen community partners, all of which are dedicated to improving public health and increasing awareness. Ray and Katie decided to put the microgrant toward the Gavin Foundation, a treatment house in South Boston. Ray volunteered with The Gavin Foundation last year and Katie currently volunteers each week.

The Gavin Foundation is a recovery center for people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Local volunteers engage with the people using the facility, and even offer lesson in resume-writing. Many of the folks who receive support from The Gavin Foundation have never been taught the do’s-and-don’ts of resume writing, and exposure to the craft can kickstart their professional lives. Katie and Ray found their passion for reusme workshopping during their time spent volunteering with The Gavin Foundation.

Although it’s fantastic that The Gavin Foundation has increased accessibility to resumes, it’s still difficult for folks to find work. Employers are understandably nervous about hiring people who have criminal histories or face homelessness. It’s a hurdle that The Gavin Foundation does it’s best to jump.

With the microgrant, Ray and Katie hope to strengthen The Gavin Foundation’s impact in a sustainable way. How? Flashdrives. If each person who uses the foundation has a USB flash drive, then people without printers can use public printers for printing resumes and applications. Something so small, something we all take for granted, will changes lives.

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