Making Music Community Partner Spotlight: The Winship School

By Hannah Harn

“Our students wouldn’t have access to music education without Making Music,” said Sara Walls, site contact at the Winship School. “Winship is a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) school, so music education is extremely important to us. We are grateful that this partnership is helping us develop well-rounded scholars,” she said. 

Walls views the partnership between Winship and Making Music as an invaluable resource. There are no other music education opportunities offered on school property and free of charge.

“The program offers BU students a unique opportunity to connect with the Brighton and Allston communities and to gain valuable teaching skills,” said Walls.  Making Music’s student volunteers work one-on-one with Winship’s elementary students. It’s a program that builds, mentorship, music and memories.

According to Walls, music education is crucial for young students. “When a student learns how play to an instrument, they are learning skills that they can’t access in a classroom,” said Walls. “They’re reading music, learning how to respect instruments and count beats. Students develop persistence and confidence. They step outside their comfort zone and try something new.”

Walls, a social worker for City Connects, strives to support students in academic, socioemotional, health and family domains. Music education allows her to extend these goals. “Music offers students another way to express themselves creatively,” said Walls.

Through Making Music, Winship students are connecting to instruments and each other. “Our kids look forward to lessons. The BU students who come are so patient and feel truly accomplished when they see how their instruction has inspired our students,” Walls said.

Join Making Music today and bring music education to students in our Boston community! 


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