BEST Hospitality Training with Volunteer Jaime Street

By Michaela Johnston

Sophomore Jaime Street serves as Social Justice and Education Chair for Alternative Spring Breaks and volunteers once a week at BEST Hospitality Training. As a social studies education major in SED, Street knew she wanted to become involved with the Empowerment League because it just “fit really well.”

The education non-profit aims to “provide individuals with the education, skills and training to excel in the hospitality industry and in their personal lives.

“BEST Hospitality Training has people from all over the world taking classes in the Greater Boston area,” Street said. BEST has served people from over 80 countries who speak more than 46 languages. The nonprofit offers a variety of classes, many with a focus on hospitality training.

According to Street, BEST offers a full-scale model hotel room inside the building. The room is a training tool for people who pursue maid service and other hotel-related careers. A library encourages English students to bring children’s books home to their kids. The books allow families to practice their speaking skills, and a room dubbed ‘Confidence Room’ instead of ‘Conference Room’ keeps the learning environment light and fun.

The BEST program also offers preparation for the U.S. citizenship test. Street is paired with a woman who is currently working toward U.S. citizenship. She helps prepare her BEST student to answer the 100 civic questions on the U.S. citizenship test.

“The test is way more complicated than I thought it was. It was an eye-opening experience,” Street said.

“When you think of citizenship you have this abstract idea of taking a test and saying the pledge of allegiance,” she said. “I always had this image of the citizenship ceremony. I wasn’t aware of the process before I started volunteering. It’s hard and I have respect these people,” Street said. “I was born into this. I never had to work for it.”

According to Street, BEST is “one of the coolest organizations I have ever worked with.” The program is far-reaching and extends a helping hand to the Greater Boston Area. “It’s like a revolving door. They get new people and put them out into the workforce. They don’t just drop people,” Street said.

Interested in more? Check out the Empowerment League at the CSC to learn more about how you can make an impact on human rights.



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