Get creative with Student Studio!

By Ronnie Finley

Creative outlets are a vital part of the student experience. They promote relaxation and self-expression, and they lighten the weight of academic stress and sleep-deprivation.

With Student Studio, volunteers help children expand their creative capacities and find a passion for the arts. Volunteers get to channel their own artistic energy while offering children the resources and support they need – double win! 

Sarah Arment, Boston University freshman and Student Studio volunteer, will be working with Winthrop Elementary School this semester. She learned about Student Studio as a first-year volunteer in the Children Focus Area during FYSOP 27. 

Sarah is an active member of her community and enjoys direct, hands-on service and camp counseling. She raised $100,000 through Habitat for Humanity and built two homes, one in Chicago and another in the Philippines.“Community service is invaluable, both direct and indirect,” Sarah said.

Her favorite activity (thus far) with Student Studio was the holiday craft, where she taught children how to make paper snowflakes. “Decorating the snowflakes with glitter made quite the mess, but it was worth it,” Sarah said.

Working with The Community Service Center has brought Sarah many new opportunities for personal and professional growth. She’s found friendship and new organizations she hopes to join. “Everything seems to be intertwined with the CSC. Everyone is so welcoming and involved in so much,” she said.

If you are interested in volunteering with Student Studio, check it out and spring into creativity! 


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