The Keys to Success

By Hannah Harn

What’s the key to success in a child’s life? Making Music knows that, for some children, there are 88 keys to success and they’re either black or white. 

Learning to play the piano, or any instrument, is a transformative experience for a child. Children often live with magnified emotions; disappointment can be devastating and laughter can be magical.  Though learning an instrument can be frustrating for young students, the accomplishment can leave a child feeling glorious. 

Instruments are not easy to learn and will leave children more receptive to challenge. There’s a variety of focus areas in music: sight-reading and playing, understanding rhythm and tempo, and knowing when the key or tune changes. Music students must be willing to put in a lot of time and effort to enhance their skills, which teaches the importance of persevering and dedication.

According to a student at Winship School, the piano and its keys, as she presses each one down, gives her a sense of control. When she looks to her future, she knows the piano will be there. She imagines herself as an astronaut seranading her fellow space-explorers. 

Eighty-eight keys to success, black-and-white and all the way to the moon.




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