Get Schooled with Wizards

By Samantha Santoro

It’s no secret that inequality exists within the US education system. While city public schools often suffer low attendance and poor funding, other schools are thriving. You’d think we’d agree on the equal access to quality education, and yet, education wasn’t a topic discussed much this election.

Still, we can do our part. That’s where Wizards comes in. Each week, BU students go to a local school or afterschool program to make science both fun and educational for kids.“We help address the education gap in afterschool programs and the students [such as those in BU] who are learning the latest and greatest can learn to present this knowledge to any audience,” said Annalyse Kohley, Wizards Volunteer.

Wizards members work with with the same students each week, which creates a space to build authentic relationships and mentorships. Hernisha Radia joined Wizards to work with children.”I wanted to work with kids and develop their love for science,” she said.

Similar to BU’s gender ratio, most of the Wizards mentors are female. They know what it’s like to be a woman in the STEM field and are excited to be role models. Through Wizards, they show children that anyone can be a scientist. “I knew that my ability to study STEM in college was a gift and I wanted to share it,” said Annalyse.

With fun experiments ( we make slime) Wizards fosters excitement for science. And the fun isn’t just for the kids! “It’s always worth it, even having my hands covered in glue for 2 hours,” said Hernisha.



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