Open your eyes and #GoBeyond

By Zoe Hawryluk

In times of crisis, we are overwhelmed by the question, “What can we do to help?”

Oftentimes we don’t receive an answer, or an answer is not readily available. As millennials, we are frequently told to “stop tweeting and start doing.” While Twitter and Facebook may help get issues well known across the globe, it’s very different from directly putting your hand toward a cause. It’s hard to get involved. It’s hard to know where to start.

As students of a private, world-renowned university, we have a privilege unlike any other. We are receiving a stellar education, we are surrounded by thousands of like-minded individuals, and we are granted opportunities many students could never dream of.

One of those opportunities is Boston University’s Alternative Service Breaks. ASB gives over 300 students the chance to participate in one of 30 community service trips that reach all corners of the United States, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

According to the ASB mission statement, “ASB pursues a deeper understanding of social justice and communities across North America by connecting peers through holistic education, direct experience, and meaningful, sustainable service in solidarity with our community partners.”

Travel somewhere you’ve never been. Meet people you’d never meet, otherwise. Immerse yourself in service for one week and never forget it.

“The foundation of this program is people working together,” said Ellie Hitt, ASB Co-Program Manager. “The most amazing part is seeing how people come together with other people, and with the service, and see how it affects them in meaningful ways,” she said.

ASB unites a pluralistic community by encouraging  accountability, empathy, and common understanding between individuals and communities.

“The service is centered in each trip, and in each focus area, but are all part of the bigger vision. Everyone is engaged in the big picture,” said Chris Zielinski, ASB Co-Program Manager.

Get involved outside the BU Bubble. Extend your reach. Discover new communities and learn about them. Help those who may not have the same privileges as you, and let their voices be heard.

According to the Washington Post, college students are out of touch with the rest of America. It’s time we get in touch, get involved, and learn about people different from ourselves.

Open your eyes and #gobeyond.

So, what are you waiting for? Registration begins November 20th at 9am.

Register here.
More information here.


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