The Value of Music Education

By Hannah Harn

In many schools, it’s often mandatory for students to learn an instrument or participate in a music-based activity. But what exactly is music education? It can range from Beginner’s Trombone to Competitive Show Choir

Music education has profound effects. Students in music programs consistently perform better on standardized tests and show increased brain development. California choir director Moana Dherlin has witnessed first-hand the impact of music education in students.

“Music education gives students high confidence and a passion for something they’re involved in,” Dherlin says. “I’ve seen students go from extremely shy and not having a place in high school, and then joining music programs gives them new friends and new confidence and the ability to be part of a team.”

Dherlin notes that music education provides students with the opportunity to work hard for themselves. At Los Alamitos High School in California, music education impacts over 1/3 of the student body.

“We have high expectations for our students. Learning to take something from basic…to a really polished end result is a huge part of the music education experience. The success students see from hard work and teamwork grows into lifelong skills that students can carry throughout their lives and future careers.”

Our community partners have  expanded their capacity for music education with Making Music.

Sam Doshi, a Making Music volunteer, believes music education has unparalleled value. “Learning to play the piano has been incredible. What started out as a fun activity is now like a detoxing agent, calming me down amidst all the chaos of papers and midterms.” Sam is often found playing on the community pianos across campus.

Music education is vital to student development in and out of the classroom. Making Music gives students the opportunity to learn and grow while giving them something to be passionate about.


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