Only One Earth

By Sam Nelson

At the end of October, Branch Out welcomed Boston University Professor James Lawford Anderson to speak on sustainability.

Dr. Anderson received his bachelor’s degree from Trinity University and went on to earn his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a petrologist, Dr. Anderson studies igneous rocks (rocks formed from magma) and specializes in the evolution of the Earth’s crust.

On October 19th, Dr. Anderson met with Branch Out to discuss limited resources. He focused on the relationship between us and our home. While the Earth’s natural evolution impacts us, our evolution (the growing population) impacts the Earth. According to Dr. Anderson, the impact we have should never be forgotten.

Dr. Anderson began with a discussion on how we have magnified the severity of natural disasters. Our increasing population has put a strain on the Earth’s resources, thus shifting the balance of nature and surpassing what the Earth can sustainably provide.

Though you’ve head this before, it’s true: Our actions leave a footprint. The over-consumption of fossil fuels has depleted Earth’s resources. We’ve created the problem, and now we’ve got to fix it.

Dr. Anderson urges students to be aware of their actions and understand how each choice makes a difference. We all have a hand in saving, or destroying, this planet. Let’s make our impact a positive one – after all, we’ve only got one Earth.

Nature is speaking to us, we just have to listen.


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