Compassionate Communication

By Hannah Leve

Wizards began in 1994 to promote curiosity in children. As the years have passed, Wizards has evolved to defy existing stereotypes about participants in STEM.

While many students are science-minded, the term “STEM” can be intimidating. Wizards strives to break down this barrier.

As a woman in science, Celeste is close the issue. While awareness of women in science is improving, the media often fails to portray a diverse population in STEM. Science shouldn’t be scary or exclusive, it’s fun and should be accessible to all.

With community partners all around Boston, Wizards allows students from different backgrounds to participate in science. The experiments are designed to expand upon what students learn in school, thus fueling the fire for newfound passions and curiosities.

Celeste aims to spread empathy in education and compassionate communication through Wizards. To truly make a difference, volunteers must be compassionate. Empathy is key.

Jaime Street (SED ‘19) believes empathy plays a vital role in education. “Productive learning and teaching can only come from a place where the teacher and the students understand that the other is human,” she said.

Wizards stands to create new opportunities in science for women and other minority groups that are typically underrepresented. However, social justice goes beyond the mere creation of opportunity. To truly be an advocate for others, you must be compassionate across boundaries.


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