Happy November – AKA Happy Transgender Awareness Month!

By Sofija Chroneos
“You are not bound by the decisions and beliefs of others, you are your own person and you are valid.”

This is how Kai Britt, current college freshman from Pennsylvania, responded to his place in a gender binary world. As a transgender man, Kai was assigned female at birth and now identifies as male.

In Voices, we work to create a compassionate environment for all people. We hope to dissolve the barriers that limit the perception of identity. This November, we delve into Transgender Awareness Month, which includes a Transgender Awareness Week and ends with the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

In a society defined by labels of race, sexuality, social class, etc., the concept of gender fluidity can be confusing to tackle. There is a danger in leaving ignorance uneducated, however.

“The recognition of gender variant and non-conforming identities can not only save the lives of those struggling with their own sense of self, but can provide much needed information to those surrounding them,” Kai said.

This is the purpose of Transgender Awareness Month.

“This can not only prevent the tragic but all too real threat of suicide in trans and queer youth, but can also allow the parents, friends, and teachers of transgender individuals to better understand and support them,” Kai continued.

Without the opportunity for his loved ones to be educated, Kai believes he would not be here today.

We hope November will provide support to those struggling with their gender identity. Having a month for Transgender Awarenss is a step forward. It is a sign that society is finally listening.

The Day of Remembrance, on November 20th, is a tribute to all transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. We will remember both those that that have fought and survived, and those that have been taken by violence and abuse. It is a day for all.

In Voices, we believe your identity is your own. The bravery it takes to live that truth is legitimate, inspiring, and influential. Never forget that, and happy November.


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