gallery Trick-or-Treating with Siblings!

By Selina Henn

“30 pieces!” exclaimed Layla, giving the final tally. She beat her sister by two pieces, but was willing to trade a Jolly Rancher, her sister’s favorite, for some more chocolate. Her Big, Amita, smiled as they closed the deal. Last Saturday, a few days before Halloween, children were dressed in costume and counting candy on Bay State Road. Laughter filled the scene as they stocked up on sugar and bonded with their Bigs.

Molly and Danique met for the first time. 

Trick-or-Treating with Siblings showcases the genuine appreciation siblings have for one another. While having some fun, pairs spend time getting to know one another. For some Bigs, this was the first chance to meet their Littles –  and what better way to do that than with candy? Molly and Danique, who met for the first time at the event, couldn’t have been happier. After evaluating her options, Danique gave Molly her (full-size!) Reese’s to share. Then, they talked about the highlights of the day: painting pumpkins, making homemade slime, and trick-or-treating on Bay State Road. Across the room, her sister Daniella ran off with sugar with her Big, Erin.


Siblings Trick-or Treating  is an annual event. It was organized by the program’s hard-working PMs, Christopher and Caroline, in collaboration with the RAs of Bay State Road. With a mixture of interactive games and crafts, the event facilitated meaningful relationships and helped the Littles form friendships with their peers.

Events like these are what make volunteers come back year after year. “It’s great seeing them dress up. And trick-or-treating is great because we get candy, too!” said Sheri, another Big. Siblings Trick-or Treating  fun for Bigs and shows the importance of ongoing mentorship. “You don’t want to disappoint them. And after some time, they just become a part of your life,” said Jessica, a junior who has been a sibling since her freshman year.

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