Making Music is makin’ moves!

By Hannah Harn

Making Music is makin’ moves! With a PM like Annmarie Rizzo, nothing is too much treble! Do you love our puns, or do you love our puns?

“I chose to get involved with Making Music for a few reasons,” Annmarie said. “I came into BU as a music major, which was very hard for me. I was very unhappy and I felt that I had lost my way. When I started volunteering for Making Music, I realized why I loved music in the first place. Seeing students eager to learn made me fall in love with music all over again.”

“I want to provide as many aspiring students as possible with the opportunity to learn an instrument or style of dance,” she said. Annmarie studied music and dance for years and wants to share the opportunity with those around her.

We’re looking forward to working with our new community partner, EDCO, an alternative youth high school with about 40 students.

“Ever since I got involved with the CSC I have felt supported and I know there are countless people who have my back and are supporting me and my program,” she said.

“Making Music is an opportunity to share your passion for music and dance with students eager to learn,” she said. “It can make a difference in a kid’s life, and I am so thankful lead this program.”


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