Branch what? Branch Out!

By Sam Nelson

Branch what? Branch Out!

Ryan Cuthbert is this year’s PM for Branch Out, a CSC program connecting students to Boston’s urban ecosystem through service involving people, plants, animals, and green spaces.

“Branch Out is a great organization that strives to educate students about sustainability,” Ryan says. “We have weekly meetings as well as one-time service events to focus on environmental activism and what it means to be a part of the Greater Boston area.”

Originally from New Jersey, Ryan lived close to the Palisades (a region of wooded, steep cliffs) and was exposed to the outdoors at a young age. Heavily influenced by his father’s love of nature, Ryan frequented the Palisades for hiking and camping adventures.

Ryan has a deep respect for the environment. Through Branch Out, he hopes to empower students to make a difference in their environment, community, and individual lives.

Ryan views Branch Out will as a spring board, a platform through which volunteers formulate their own plans for action.

Ryan is looking forward to collaborating with Bikes Not Bombs, an organization that deconstructs used bikes and ships parts overseas to areas with limited transportation access.

“I think everybody, including myself, kind of wants to save the world,” said Ryan. “Branch Out is a feasible way for college students to help the ecosystem and positively impact the community.” Interested in getting involved? Click here.


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