Boston students find magic in Wizards

By Sam Santoro

When you think of wizards, you probably think of Harry Potter or Merlin. You should also think of Celeste Caccavale, the manager of the CSC’s Wizards program, which brings the magic of science to local Boston schools. 

Wizards provides supplemental science activities to kids in schools that may not have the necessary funding. Making ice cream in a bag? Check. Along with science, Wizards focuses on compassionate communication. “A big part of [Wizards] is working with the communities,” Celeste says. It’s important to “understand where the students are coming from.”  The purpose is to foster curiosity in these students, and to do that, Wizards meets the students where they’re at.

Celeste is a senior in CAS from Rochester, NY studying Biology with a specialization in Behavioral Bio on the pre-vet track. With her science-heavy major, leading Wizards was an obvious choice, but it goes beyond that. The program allows her to explore her interests outside of biology when she puts her own twist on each science experiment. Last year the program focused on connecting the experiments to future careers, and she plans to continue that.

As a woman in science, she knows what it’s like to be a minority in her field and “get spoken over.” Celeste hopes to combat this at a young age and show kids that science is cool and exciting, regardless of your gender.

Her plan for this year is to include workshopping with other CSC youth programs, such as Making Music and Student Studio. She would also like to bring in SED deans to talk about empathy and education.

Celeste has been involved with the CSC since her freshman year: two years in FYSOP, three ASB trips, and Student Food Rescue runs.  FYSOP as a freshman got her thinking about the intersectionality of social justice. Everything is connected.


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