The stars behind Siblings

By Cora Welton

Siblings strives to empower youth in Boston by pairing Big Siblings (volunteers) with Little Siblings. Aw! Through mentorship, Siblings helps children build a sense of friendship and community.

In the past, Siblings has worked with Winship Elementary School, Jackson Mann, St. Patrick and Edison K-8 elementary schools. How does all this happen? With the help of this lovely duo: Christopher Sanchez & Caroline Kohler.


As the Program Managers (PMs) for Siblings, Chris and Caroline emphasize the importance of mentorship. “I believe that having the opportunity to connect with someone who will be a mentor and a friend can be extremely beneficial to a child’s development,” said Chris.

Caroline’s P.E. teacher was an influential figure during her highschool experience. “She shaped me into the person I wanted to be,” she said. According to Caroline, Siblings is a chance for others to build powerful mentorships.

Siblings focuses on providing positive and comfortable spaces to form relationships. As an all-inclusive program, many new partnerships are being formed, especially with other student groups on campus. “I’m really excited for Trick-or-Treating with the R.A.’s on Halloween,” said Caroline.

For the first time, the CSC will be partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay (BBBS). They have organized a campus-based program for Siblings volunteers. “Their expertise and mentor training will really make a difference in the program,” Caroline said. To continue the mission of BBBS, Little Siblings from the Grove Hall Community Center will be visiting campus.

“With the CSC, I have been able to interpret how my actions could cause a positive chain-effect,” said Chris. For more information on Siblings, click here

Crave more C+C?

Christopher Sanchez
Year: Senior studying Neuroscience and Deaf Studies
Hometown: Palmdale, California
Hobbies: MUSIC. TLC is a go-to 90’s jam for me.

Caroline Kohler
Year: Sophomore studying Nutrition
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Hobbies: Writing, cooking, and watching documentaries.



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