Meet Hanna (Hailey & Anna)

By Selina Henn

Hanna’s not just any CSC couple – they’re the CSC’s very own Obama-Biden match! Hailey Branchford and Anna Oehlberg, aka Hanna, lead the Afterschool program with a balance of resilience and enthusiasm competitive only with the presidential duo. 

Afterschool is dedicated to offering students ages K-12 homework help, college prep, and mentorship in the Boston area. Hanna’s mission is to build Afterschool’s relationships with community partners and to build a home within Afterschool.

“It is a chance to teach people about education equity and all it entails,” said Anna. 

Hanna hopes to share passion for the CSC with volunteers. While they know first-hand how overwhelming CSC opportunities appear, they view joining the CSC as a defining moment in their college careers.

“It opened my mind to social justice issues I never knew about,” said Anna. According to Hailey, “The CSC has taught me about myself and how I fit in. Coming in, I was nervous that I would feel like an outsider. But it’s become a second home for me.”

Haily and Anna became Hanna the moment they met. While Anna’s mind takes on the role of a “mad scientist’s office”, Hailey balances out Anna’s crazy-yet-lovely ideas with a practical, calculating approach. Hailey needs Anna, and Anna need Hailey. Therefore: Hanna, the Afterschool duo.

Craving more Hanna? Here’s some fun facts:

Hailey Branchford
Year: Junior
Major: Biomedical Engineering, ENG
Hometown: Neenah, WI
One word that describes you: Problem-solver
Life lesson: Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Spirit animal: Chipmunk

Anna Oehlberg
Year: Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education, SED, minor in Political Science
Hometown: Chicago, IL
One word that describes you: Exuberant
Life lesson: Trust in who you are. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason.
Spirit animal: Otter (because they’re resourceful when you don’t expect it!)


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