Nurture Your Creativity

By Ronnie Finley

Every child deserves to find their creativity. But does every child have an equal chance to do so? 

By constructing artistic spaces within local elementary schools, Student Studio exposes youth to creative expression. Student Studio is a student-run program, with senior Jess Kaplan painting its picture as Program Manager.

Jess hopes Student Studio will use community support to create empowering spaces for students seeking self-expression. This year, she aims to create an inclusive space within Student Studio and The CSC, where the community can stand in solidarity.

” I hope to create something wonderful through craft, whether that be lasting connections or simple conversations, we’ll see,” she said. 

Jess regards creative expression as an outlet for academic and personal growth. “Artistic expression should be validated early on in life to promote creative thinking in the future,” she said. 

Student Studio provides the creative spaces and resources often inaccesible to students. By working with local partners, Student Studio constructs a foundation of people with a passion for the arts.

“The CSC has taught me to listen. You never know what you can learn from other people,” Jess said. 

For more information about Student Studio, check here.


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