The Foodies Behind SFR

By Amanda Brancato, CSC SFR Storyteller

Student Food Rescue (SFR) is one of the largest student-run food salvage programs in the country. Volunteers pick up donated food from local farmers markets, bakeries, restaurants, and grocery stores and drop it off at over 20 recipient sites around the Greater Boston Area.

Volunteers collect over 5,000 pounds of food each week from local Boston donors. Last year, SFR donated 500,000 pounds of food to those in need. 

With over 18 different food runs each week, Taylor Guan and Tiffany Whitman lead, organize, and manage this years program to address food justice concerns. So who are they?

Taylor Whiteman
Year: Junior in Questrom, studying Finance and Marketing
Hometown: Mawhah, New Jersey
Fun Fact/Hobbies: Watching TV, acting fancy on Newbury St.. Fun Fact? I’ve eaten scrapple (basically, all parts of a pig in a loaf).

Tiffany Guan
Year: Junior in the College of Art Sciences, majoring in Biology; PreMed 
Hometown: Canton, MA
Fun Fact/Hobbies: My bucket list goal is to do a restaurant challenge or participate in a food competition. Im huge foodie.

Why are you interested in the issues
 addressed by your program?

“Nutrition is the basis of all life, so by addressing hunger first, we can address many of the issues that stem from hunger. For me, SFR is a low time commitment, flexible, and you can really make a difference in only 2 hours of your day,” Taylor said. 

Ive always been a huge foodie and being a volunteer last year with SFR made me realize how much food is wasted everyday. We get 5000 lbs of food just from Whole Foods, and the fact that they have that much left over is mind-blowing. We don’t see these issues in front of us, but SFR showed me these issues first hand and educated me on food issues and the inequalities within the food system,” Tiffany said. 


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