Creativity Calendar

By Savanah Macdonald

Over the course of the semester, Student Studio has been wildly successful in its promotion of the arts. Inspiring creativity is no easy pursuit, but Student Studio has reinvigorated artistic expression across Boston.

February: Spread the Love

Student Studio collaborated with Voices and The Empowerment League to put a spin on Valentine’s Day—(Pen)Palentine’s Day! The teams got together for an old-fashioned craft session with music, pizza, and plenty of Valentine spirit! Why make valentines for LGBT+ prisoners? LGBT and incarcerated communities often face violence and harassment, and are less likely to have support from the outside. Sending Valentine’s Day cards to LGBT+ prisoners demonstrates that these individuals are people who deserve affection and support. Spread the love—the CSC sure did!

March: Welcoming Feminist Energy

 As part of GAP Week, Student Studio joined with Voices to engage the BU community with a Feminist Zine-Making Workshop! Student Studio filled the GAP by opening up a dialogue about feminism, feminist history, and gender identity – all while making social justice zines and listening to some mellow tunes. Collage, color, create!

And let’s not forget: Casa Nueva Vida Mural Project! 

 Collaborating with Sustainability, both teams met in Jamaica Plain on March 4th to combine the arts with environmental engagement. The mural came out beautiful, and will be a source of inspiration for years to come. A picture speaks a thousand words, and nothing fosters creativity like a mural.

huge thank you to Student Studio participants: Megan Markovitz, Molly Cohen, Giselle Blanco-Santana, Laura Capozzi, Mathew Brown, and Lena Adams!

This was a great year for Student Studio filled with creativity! Thank you to Becca Reynolds, 2015-2016 Student Studio Program Manager, for dedicating her time to this wonderful program.


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